Source –“Anna Rexia” was the oh-no-you-didn’t costume of Halloween 2011. News outlets and blogs extensively covered the outrage over the costume, which features a knit dress with glitter skeleton screenprint, bone-shaped headband, removable “Anna Rexia” badge and tape-measure belt. Retailers and online merchants who had the gall to carry the insensitive costume were pressured by angry consumers, anorexia sufferers and eating disorder awareness groups to take it off shelves. The whole affair was put to bed. But two years later the costume is back and available for sale on a niche Halloween site that carries costumes from a company called Dreamgirls International, among others, with the description, “You can never be too rich or too thin.” Now the same people and groups who were up in arms the first time around are back with renewed, justified vitriol.

I literally laughed out loud at the tagline “you can never be too rich or too thin” – absolutely brilliant. The thing is even though they will never admit it, all girls think this way. When they are looking for a man what’s the #1 thing on their mind? Money. When the calendar turns to March and spring break is coming up what do they do? They quit eating. Not because they want to look good to please themselves, no, they want to be skinnier than the bitch standing next to them on the beach.

Thats why this costume is perfect. Halloween is the one night a year where all these “classy” girls let their inhibitions run free. There are no rules on halloween when it comes to girl etiquette. So go ahead sweetheart, lace up that anna rexia costume and lets see how good you look. You go girl.

PS: I wonder what sizes this costume comes in. I’d assume it only comes in Small and XSmall. Medium would be stretching it and if you’re a size L or XL trying to pull of a costume that depicts annorexia then you have much deep seeded self esteem issues than I could ever imagine.