[…]many myths about yoga stand in [men’s] way: Yoga isn’t a decent workout; it’s too touchy-feely; you have to be flexible to do it; men’s bodies just aren’t built for pretzellike poses.

Adrian Hummell has heard all the excuses.

“What happens is, a guy who doesn’t know about it, he associates it with things like Pilates or aerobics, and they think of it as a chick workout,” said Hummell, who has been doing yoga for the past three years and now teaches Bikram yoga, a particularly strenuous form of the practice, in Bethesda.

“It’s almost a joke when guys say, ‘I don’t think I should do yoga because I’m not flexible,’ ” he said. “It’s like saying, ‘I’m too weak, so I can’t lift weights.’ 


This is basically a rant from the Woman Warriors over at Jezebel complaining that society forces women (and men) to exercise a certain way. It says that our society views yoga as feminine and that men won’t do it because they don’t want to be perceived this way. Well, they’re right. Not many men do yoga for this exact reason.


They go on to complain that women don’t lift weights like men do because they would be viewed badly by other men / women in the gym. Listen up ladies, if you want to go to the gym and hit the bench, be my guest, I wont stop you. But when you’re all bulked up and your tits turn into pecs guess what else I won’t do, date you. If getting man muscles on your 5’2 110 pound frame makes you feel empowered then you go for it, live your dream. Just know that when I’m looking for a future mate, I’ll be hanging out by the eliptical machines trying to pick up the normal women who don’t have an inferiority complex.