INSTITUTE, W.Va. — INSTITUTE, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia State University will host a program aimed at increasing awareness of what it’s like to be poor.

The Simulation of Poverty program is set for Saturday in the Wilson University Union. It’s designed to raise awareness and encourage solutions to poverty.

Participants will role-play the lives of low-income families, simulating a month of poverty compressed into four 15-minute segments. Family scenarios are given out to participants who must decide how to seek services and how to spend what little money they have in order to survive. They will interact with human service agencies, grocers, bill collectors, prospective employers, police and others.

The exercise is followed by a debriefing where participants can share insights on what they learned.


How in the fuck do you simulate a month of extreme poverty into 4, 15 minute segments? This is why poor people are always so mad. This is why the homeless take bath salts and literally start eating people. They live their lives paycheck to paycheck, scarping together food to feed their hungry children and trying to keep a roof over their heads. And what do the rest of us do? We get together at a University (I think West Virginia is still accredited) and “simulate” poverty in a fucking hour. 

I don’t even get the point of this study. They get together after that brutal hour of fake poverty and “debrief” about what they learned? I doubt they learned anything but if they did it’s nothing they didn’t already know: stay off crack and don’t be black. Is that kind of racist? Maybe. Is it accurate. Yes.