West Virginia University Has A New Program Where You Get To Pretend To Be A Poor Person

INSTITUTE, W.Va. — INSTITUTE, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia State University will host a program aimed at increasing awareness of what it’s like to be poor.

The Simulation of Poverty program is set for Saturday in the Wilson University Union. It’s designed to raise awareness and encourage solutions to poverty.

Participants will role-play the lives of low-income families, simulating a month of poverty compressed into four 15-minute segments. Family scenarios are given out to participants who must decide how to seek services and how to spend what little money they have in order to survive. They will interact with human service agencies, grocers, bill collectors, prospective employers, police and others.

The exercise is followed by a debriefing where participants can share insights on what they learned.


How in the fuck do you simulate a month of extreme poverty into 4, 15 minute segments? This is why poor people are always so mad. This is why the homeless take bath salts and literally start eating people. They live their lives paycheck to paycheck, scarping together food to feed their hungry children and trying to keep a roof over their heads. And what do the rest of us do? We get together at a University (I think West Virginia is still accredited) and “simulate” poverty in a fucking hour. 

I don’t even get the point of this study. They get together after that brutal hour of fake poverty and “debrief” about what they learned? I doubt they learned anything but if they did it’s nothing they didn’t already know: stay off crack and don’t be black. Is that kind of racist? Maybe. Is it accurate. Yes. 


Top 3 Views Of Millennial’s Sex Lives – My Take

1. “Hookup culture” is the new dating
In August 2012, Hanna Rosin wrote that hookup culture had “largely replaced dating on college campuses and beyond.” Cue endless debates about the emotional and physical consequences of casual sex.

2. Women are harmed by Millennial attitudes towards sex. In 2010, Caitlin Flanagan wrote that girls “reluctantly endure” hookup culture — a viewpoint echoed by many conservative publications. Flanagan expanded on this in her 2012 book Girl Land, claiming: “The men hold all the cards, and the women put up with it because now it’s too late… they don’t have a choice.”

3. Millennials don’t want commitment. Millennials are often portrayed as hedonists, skipping from one partner to the next and never settling down. 


Let’s break this down individually:

  1. “Hookup Culture Is the New Dating”: I have to agree with this one. Think about the last time you went on a real date. By that I mean you met a girl, got her number, chatted her up, asked her out, drove to a girls house, picked her up, went to dinner & a movie, and then dropped her home. Maybe it’s because I’m in college, but this style of dating is out for “millenials”, it’s just not happening. We are the age on instant gratification. We are not the age of waiting 3 dates to see if a girl will put out. Formal dates have been replaced with texting, social media, and one night stands. The reason that this “hookup culture” is the new dating is because it ultimately serves the same purpose. You bring a girl home, and you have sex with her. If you enjoyed the sex and could tolerate her personality, you do it again another night…if all goes well this leads to a relationship.
  2. Women Are Harmed By Millennial Attitudes Toward Sex: Nope. Wrong. This one contains maybe the most false line in the history of research with “The men hold all the cards, and the women put up with it because now it’s too late… they don’t have a choice.” Absolutely absurd. Has this guy ever talked to / pursued a woman in his entire life? Women hold 100000% of the cards especially when it comes to sex / “hookup culture”. The male brain is almost entirely consumed at all times with trying to get laid. Everything a guy does whether it is going to the gym, working hard in school / at work, dressing well, bathing, it is ALL to attract women. To say that these new views towards sex and hookups “harm” women could not be more wrong. These new views are literally the greatest thing that have ever happened to women in the history of the world. Think about it, back in the 1920’s when sex and hooking up was taboo women had zero influence / say in a relationship. Men ran shit. Well sorry gentlemen but the tables have drastically turned. Women know that they control us. They know we want what they have. So let’s cut this shit saying women are “harmed” by hookup culture. 
  3. Millennials Don’t Want Commitment”: I Don’t completely agree of disagree with this one, I just think they worded it wrong. Deep down even the most chauvinist, macho man in the world wants and instinctively needs commitment with a woman (or man, I won’t judge). The same is true now as it was 100 years ago. The only difference today is that people don’t want commitment as early. Take the generation before us for example; my parents were high school sweethearts and got married at 21 years old while in college and apparently this was the norm. Well not today. People don’t want relationships in college today and I believe it is directly related to the first 2 on this list. Hooking up today is easier and more acceptable than ever before. In the 1940’s if you saw a girl you wanted to fuck what did you do? You married her. Today? You send her a friend request or you follow her on twitter and hope she follows back.  


Jezebel Complaining About Exercise Stereotypes…

[…]many myths about yoga stand in [men’s] way: Yoga isn’t a decent workout; it’s too touchy-feely; you have to be flexible to do it; men’s bodies just aren’t built for pretzellike poses.

Adrian Hummell has heard all the excuses.

“What happens is, a guy who doesn’t know about it, he associates it with things like Pilates or aerobics, and they think of it as a chick workout,” said Hummell, who has been doing yoga for the past three years and now teaches Bikram yoga, a particularly strenuous form of the practice, in Bethesda.

“It’s almost a joke when guys say, ‘I don’t think I should do yoga because I’m not flexible,’ ” he said. “It’s like saying, ‘I’m too weak, so I can’t lift weights.’ 


This is basically a rant from the Woman Warriors over at Jezebel complaining that society forces women (and men) to exercise a certain way. It says that our society views yoga as feminine and that men won’t do it because they don’t want to be perceived this way. Well, they’re right. Not many men do yoga for this exact reason.


They go on to complain that women don’t lift weights like men do because they would be viewed badly by other men / women in the gym. Listen up ladies, if you want to go to the gym and hit the bench, be my guest, I wont stop you. But when you’re all bulked up and your tits turn into pecs guess what else I won’t do, date you. If getting man muscles on your 5’2 110 pound frame makes you feel empowered then you go for it, live your dream. Just know that when I’m looking for a future mate, I’ll be hanging out by the eliptical machines trying to pick up the normal women who don’t have an inferiority complex. 



“Anna Rexia” Costume Is Back For Halloween 2013

Source –“Anna Rexia” was the oh-no-you-didn’t costume of Halloween 2011. News outlets and blogs extensively covered the outrage over the costume, which features a knit dress with glitter skeleton screenprint, bone-shaped headband, removable “Anna Rexia” badge and tape-measure belt. Retailers and online merchants who had the gall to carry the insensitive costume were pressured by angry consumers, anorexia sufferers and eating disorder awareness groups to take it off shelves. The whole affair was put to bed. But two years later the costume is back and available for sale on a niche Halloween site that carries costumes from a company called Dreamgirls International, among others, with the description, “You can never be too rich or too thin.” Now the same people and groups who were up in arms the first time around are back with renewed, justified vitriol.

I literally laughed out loud at the tagline “you can never be too rich or too thin” – absolutely brilliant. The thing is even though they will never admit it, all girls think this way. When they are looking for a man what’s the #1 thing on their mind? Money. When the calendar turns to March and spring break is coming up what do they do? They quit eating. Not because they want to look good to please themselves, no, they want to be skinnier than the bitch standing next to them on the beach.

Thats why this costume is perfect. Halloween is the one night a year where all these “classy” girls let their inhibitions run free. There are no rules on halloween when it comes to girl etiquette. So go ahead sweetheart, lace up that anna rexia costume and lets see how good you look. You go girl.

PS: I wonder what sizes this costume comes in. I’d assume it only comes in Small and XSmall. Medium would be stretching it and if you’re a size L or XL trying to pull of a costume that depicts annorexia then you have much deep seeded self esteem issues than I could ever imagine.

Division II Football Game To Be Officiated By 4 Women

(ESPN) – BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Four female officials will be working a game between Division II Miles and Lane, in what appears to be a first for a college football game.

The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, an Atlanta-based league comprised of historically black schools, said Thursday night’s game at Miles will mark the first time a mostly female officiating crew has worked an NCAA football game. The league said NFL director of football officials David Coleman and director of recruiting Ron Baynes will attend the game to evaluate the officials’ performance.

“This is a special opportunity for not only the group of ladies selected to officiate the game, but all officials in the SIAC,” said Harold Mitchell, supervisor of officials for the SIAC and the Southwestern Athletic Conference. “Playing on a Thursday night is also a great opportunity for our [SIAC] officials to partner with officials from an FCS conference.

“To that point, it’s also very important for everyone to understand that the selected crew are all outstanding officials, and not just females.”

Yvonda Lewis will be the head linesman and work with line judge Tangela Mitchell, field judge Sabrina Brunson and back judge Krystle Apellaniz.

All four, who will work with former NFL player umpire Terry Killens, have risen through the NFL Officiating Development Program.

Brunson of Atlanta and Houston’s Lewis have already made history. Brunson became the SIAC’s first female official in 1995, and Lewis was the first woman to officiate in a SWAC game in 2009. She has been working SIAC games since 2010.

Mitchell, who lives in Atlanta, and Apellaniz of Oviedo, Fla., both are in their first year in the SIAC.


The obvious opinion here that most (male) football fans will agree upon is that this is going to be an absolute nightmare. People will complain that if we allow women to start officiating games it will be the end of football, and sports for that matter, as we know it. Well, settle down.

This is such an obvious publicity stunt, almost painfully obvious. Let’s review the facts

  1. It’s a game between 2 historically all black schools – so not only are we checking off minority #1 by allowing women equality, but throw in a couple of black schools and it becomes a duo of minorities who get attention and “fair shot”
  2. Its a Thursday night game – obviously this is going to be the most useless primetime spot possible – what i mean by this is that it’s primetime enough where people will pay attention,  but its on a Thursday night so it’s easy to ignore. They didn’t stick these women in a game thats gonna air at 8pm on a Saturday, it’s a Thursday. Having said that, they still have the trump card of “well its primetime”. 

I can only imagine that the men coming to judge these women’s performance will be smirking and joking with one another in the booth the entire time.